Health & Endocan Products

Health and Endocan Products is located at 520 E. Jackson St. Suite 7 in Willard, Missouri. The store was established in the Fall of 2020 by Lorna Fletcher. The store carries CBD products in various forms that are available both in-store and online.


Lorna Fletcher

Hello! My name is Lorna Fletcher and I am the owner of Health and Endocan Products.

In 2018, I was suffering from joint pain and was in search of a natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing. A friend of mine suggested that I try CBD, and that is where my journey with Endocan products began. After experiencing CBD’s benefits, I did more research on the various forms of CBD products and the possible outcomes of using them. With the knowledge I gained, my passion for CBD grew and I decided to open my own CBD store in Willard, Missouri. 

I established Health and Endocan Products because I strongly believe that CBD has the capability to enhance and improve everyone’s quality of life in different ways. At H&E, I strive to educate and communicate with our customers in order to find the products to best suit each unique individual. 

Stop by Health and Endocan Products today to see what we have in our store! I am looking forward to meeting you and serving the Willard community for the many years to come.